Hello and welcome to PEACEPRIZE MEDIA L.L.C.

Build your new website dream here!!!


(If you’re on mobile, scroll to the bottom to see example websites that we have built)

Here’s what you get for FREE with each new website:

FREE Global Language Translator!

FREE Unlimited Email Accounts!

FREE Terms of Use page!

FREE Privacy page!

FREE Newsletter!

FREE Security Certificate (SSL)!

FREE Daily Backups!

FREE User Submissions!

FREE Search Bar!

FREE Google, Bing, and up to 50 other Search Engine Listings!

FREE Google Analytics (Statistics)!

FREE GDPR Cookie Compliance Bar!

Types of base Websites are as follows (with examples on the right sidebar):

Basic Writer’s Blog Website

Blog Website with Payments Setup

Tutor/Teacher Website with Payments

Listing/Classifieds Website

Online Store Website (Coming Soon!)

News Website

Basic Social Media Website

Various Custom Plugins Available Also!

AND Why not hire me to teach a “How To” class about making websites?!!

“How to build a website with WordPress” Class – For Beginners

For Full Pricing Details please contact me (Chad, Owner & Chief Builder) HERE or email at: chadd@peaceprizemedia.com :-)


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